What's Going on With ERC?!?!?

Sep 26, 2023

Here is what is happening with the ERC credit. Within the last few months, fraudulent companies have been sending out letters to most businesses telling them they qualify for the credit when... Read more >

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Employers: Social Security Tax Deferral----Hmm, Maybe Not

Sep 2, 2020

Business owners: Let's first start by reminding you that this is an optional process. You don't have to participate. It is not mandatory. on... IRS gave guidance a couple of... Read more >

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3/21/20 COVID19 Highlights

Mar 21, 2020

What a difference a week makes! While we wait for the passage of the next bill dealing with COVID19 tax relief (the one with the proposed $1200 pmts), let's hit a few tax and bookkeeping... Read more >

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Honest, Hard-working, Dependable, Easygoing, Have Sales Tax, Payroll and Sage/QuickboosExperience? Read On...

May 21, 2019

08/17/19: THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST...WE HAVE HIRED AN EMPLOYEE AND WISH YOU LUCK AS YOU SEARCH FOR YOUR NEW POSITION! Looking for full-time bookkeeper to maintain financial records for... Read more >

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Apr 16, 2019

Another tax season has come to a close (let’s not think extensions—they’ll ruin this moment), and we have been humbled once more by all the help we have received to make it a successful one.... Read more >

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The 2018 Withholding Tables Are Out and I Don't Know How They Will Affect My Taxes!

Jan 22, 2018

If you work for an employer that uses a payroll service like ADP, Paychex or Larry's Income Tax (yes, we do payroll), you'll probably notice a change in your paycheck this week due to the new 2018... Read more >

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A Look at the 2017 Proposed Reform Tax Brackets

Nov 3, 2017

So the tax reform cat is out of the bag. Comparing the current tax law with the proposed one is like comparing apples to pears...both still firm fruits, with similar skin and seeds, but not... Read more >

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Can IRS Just Shut Me Down? Unfortunately....Yes (But It Doesn't Have To Get To That).

Jul 10, 2017

There was a news story over the weekend recounting how the government went to an immigrant elderly couple's dress and tuxedo shop and proceeded to sell all their inventory--which was valued at over... Read more >

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Happy Birthday, America!

Jul 3, 2017

Dear America, Just wanted to remind you that, although it may not seem like it at times (certainly not if you watch, read, or listen to news coverage), we--your citizens--care deeply about you and... Read more >

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Apr 19, 2017

We want to thank all our clients for another great and successful tax season. We thought we were in for a terrible one the way it began with IRS announcing that no refunds would be issued until... Read more >

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Are You Truly Charitable?

Dec 16, 2016

What's your answer to this blog's title? There's some buzz about how this is the year to make charitable donations because the future of charitable giving looks bleak. At first we wondered why... Read more >

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Every Year-End Is A Business Owner’s Doomsday

Nov 11, 2016

At this time of the year, we start seeing an uptick in phone calls from our clients. Although this year, some anxious callers want to talk about the market (btw, we’re not financial advisors,... Read more >

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Go Vote This Election Day

Oct 27, 2016

With all the election coverage on television, radio, and definitely the internet, you would think that we live in a country where voter participation routinely runs in the 90% range. Sadly,... Read more >

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Back That Thang Up!

Sep 30, 2016

We recently had problems with one of our cellphones "acting weird" and had chalked it up to being an old model and not having enough memory. It would send/receive texts and freeze up whenever it... Read more >

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I Used to Look Forward to LA Citizen's Credit

Sep 21, 2016

If you are a property owner in Louisiana and you have property insurance, there is a good chance that your policy includes a surcharge named something like "FAIR plan, Coastal Assessment, Market... Read more >

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