Our Staff

Larry Jaubert, E.A. M.B.A. - owner

The president of the firm, Mr. Larry, has earned an associate's, undergraduate, and master's degree in business administration from Delgado, Loyola and UNO, respectively. In addition, he also holds the certification of Enrolled Agent, a designation bestowed upon individuals who have proven mastery of the IRS Code and regulations by passing a strenuous exam. As an enrolled agent, he is licensed to practice before the IRS in all 50 states.

Not to be confused with a CPA, Mr. Larry's specialty is in taxation, as well as being knowledgeable in other areas of accounting. He attends various tax seminars each year to further his education and to keep abreast of the many changes that are implemented each year to the federal and state tax codes. He has been an active member of the LA chapter of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) since 1988. He is also a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. Proud to be an enrolled agent serving you, Mr. Larry will zealously ensure that your taxes are minimized in a complete, legal manner.

Our clients are informed that being open with him about their tax situation and leaving nothing off the tax interview means that there can be no unpleasant surprises later down the road. Our clients can rest assured that their taxes have been prepared correctly by a professional they can trust.

So whether it's a question about how much tax is due on cash you won at the casino, or cash you pulled from your retirement plan, Mr. Larry will always give you a prompt, thorough answer. It may not always be the answer you want to hear, but it will be the correct one. He is available to you year-round, not just during tax season. Before worrying about any major financial decisions, do the wise thing and schedule your appointment with him today.

Email Larry at: ljaubert@larrysincometax.com

Alma Jaubert - owner

Mr. Larry's wife, Mrs. Alma, is the vice president of the firm. She has been the solid rock that Mr. Larry has been able to lean on during the strenuous but rewarding journey of owning their business. From typing the handwritten returns during those early days to designing the floor plan for the current office location, she is the oil that keeps this wheel turning smoothly.

Mrs. Alma’s associate's degree in business administration and her experience working in an international paper products company ensure that the business operates at the utmost professional level. She has known from the very beginning that an unorganized business can't deal effectively against the many bumps encountered along the way. She also accompanies Mr. Larry to several seminars.

Beginning the workday well before 9AM by contacting clients, monitoring our client flow and communications; staying well after hours to assemble and organize the next day's client files, checking clients' tax refund status; and maintaining all common areas in top shape describes a typical day for Mrs. Alma.

Whether it is her behind-the-scenes planning or being the first person to greet you when you come to your tax appointment, she has always ensured the office keeps moving. She continues to keep an eye on every detail to make sure you always leave very happy with our services. When you see her during tax season, you can be sure she has your satisfaction in mind.

Email Alma at: ajaubert@larrysincometax.com

Carlos Jaubert

Carlos has been with the company since 1990 and has always been associated with the bookkeeping department. In addition to accounting courses taken while getting his marketing degree from UNO, Carlos has also taken additional college accounting courses. He continues his annual professional education by attending various tax courses and forums. He has also earned the enrolled agent designation and is a member of the LA chapter of NATP.

An essential element of the firm, his year-round work primarily involves the servicing of our business accounts as the head of our bookkeeping department. Carlos is also available to prepare personal and business returns. If you are a business owner, please contact Carlos to get information on how we can transfer the bookkeeping hassles from your hands to ours. His professional, thorough, and calm demeanor will confirm you made the right choice.

Email Carlos at: cjaubert@larrysincometax.com

Michelle Jaubert

Michelle began with the company while she was a high school student working part-time back in February 2001, and turned full-time status after earning her degree in business management from LSU in June 2009. Her professional education continues to grow by attending various tax seminars every year. Being the youngest officer of the firm, Michelle brings a fresh and professional perspective to the way we operate on a daily basis. She is also a member of the LA chapter of NATP.

Michelle works with our bookkeeping department and she also prepares taxes. She has a great rapport with all clients and makes sure to always get your forms completed on time. She is an integral part of our firm, and you will get the peace of mind you seek from all bookkeeping hassles when she handles your account.

Email Michelle at: mjaubert@larrysincometax.com

Staff members

Our bookkeeping staff is accurate, fast, pays great attention to detail, and has the most positive attitude. Pamela and Christy work alongside Michelle and Carlos to meet your company's accounting needs. Whether you just need basic quarterly sales tax preparation or full on monthly bookkeeping with weekly payroll, tax planning and tax preparation, we'll be right next to you as you take your business through its demanding, unforgettable and rewarding journey.

Pamela has a solid bookkeeping background, and has been with our team since March 2009. Her calm, friendly, and efficient demeanor assures that your work is done accurately and with your best interest in mind. Add her great organizational skills, and you’ll see that Pamela always makes sure to keep your account current, correct—and most importantly—out of trouble. Pamela is not just a great asset to our bookkeeping team, but to yours as well!

Christy, our newest member, started with us back in November 2020. She works thoroughly and quietly in her office, ensuring that everything in your account is entered and handled correctly. Don't let her quiet and courteous demeanor fool you---her pinpoint accuracy and speed will leave all your prior bookkeeping troubles in the dust! Having Christy on your side will change your bookkeeping experience from turmoil to bliss!

Each one of us continuously strives to impress every single client—day-in & day-out. We make sure your work is completed accurately, that it is returned to you in a timely manner; and that we return all phone calls and e-mails promptly. We also keep you abreast of any changes that may affect you and your business, and we make sure you are treated in a professional and respectful manner—the way you wish you were treated all of the time!!

You will be very pleased when your account is assigned to anyone in our bookkeeping team. In fact, the only thing you’ll ever regret about our services is that you didn't find us any sooner!



Email the bookkeeping staff at bookkeeping@larrysincometax.com