Tax services

Our firm can easily handle all your income tax needs. With three tax preparers on hand, all our returns are prepared in house.
We do not send our returns off to some processing center in another town or state, or even out of the country. Your information is safely retained in our building and we do not share any client information with anyone. The only information that we will ever share about you is when we brag about how great our clientele is loyal, understanding, smart, patient and most of all, willing to tell their friends about us.

We ask you questions. We're always surprised when our new clients tell us, "our old tax preparer used to just take our papers and type them all in without asking us anything!" The field of taxes is always in constant change. There are new credits or updated credits available, changes in eligibility for some tax items, and special events that require specialized knowledge (remember hearing about those places that just used the same totals for every single person that had a Katrina loss?!?). Additionally, we know things change in your personal life as well (newborns, kids getting married, change in jobs, etc), so we'll ask you questions, whether this is your first visit with us or your 20th!

From a simple student’s 1040EZ form to a complex 1120 or 990 return, we will prepare any return for any year that you need done. Need some old tax year prepared? Don't put it off any longer - we are your solution. We can prepare returns back as far as 1999 without too much of a hassle. Back to 1990 with somewhat of a hassle, and prior to that with major hassle (but I’m sure we can dig up those old forms, if necessary!). If you think it's just you with these troubles, know that you are not alone - at least twice a year, we get a client who needs 3-7 years of taxes done all at once!! So, come on, don't be shy. Bring your tax problems to us.

Our income tax preparation fees always include the Louisiana tax return when appropriate and start at $260/yr for individual returns. Our business returns start at $900/yr for partnerships and $950 for corporations. Please keep in mind that prices will increase depending on the complexity of the return and any additional schedules are needed to finalize the return. If you want a more personalized quote, we would have to see everything that is involved first, so please come into our office for a free quote.

One thing on price: there will always be someone out there who is cheaper (and someone cheaper than them), but what will that REALLY cost you in the long run? Are they open all-year round? Are they keeping up with training? Are they licensed or registered to prepare returns? Are they signing their name on the return? Are they giving you every legal deduction you can take? Are they warning you about consequences of not doing things properly? Are they willing to help you face the IRS or the State if you ever get "a letter"? Our answer is "yes" for all these, and so much more.

Here's one final incentive: as a first-time client, click on the "Refer-A-Friend" icon above and print your coupon for a FREE state return. You will need to give us the printed coupon (or one from our mailer) in order to get this discount. This promotion is strictly reserved for our first-time clients only.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call to get your appointment. You won't regret it.