Bookkeeping services

Our firm can handle all your bookkeeping needs. We prepare your bookkeeping in house and do not outsource it. Believe it or not, many bookkeeping service companies outsource your information to third parties. Some to some central processing center in town, others to a regional center in another state and others go the extra mile (or 5,000 miles) and send it across the world to who knows where! Imagine all your business checking accounts, credit card statements, your personal address and financial information, your employees’ social security numbers, etc all taking a trip around the world for all to see! Not quite what you imagine when you drop off your work at the “local” spot, right?

We can complete all tasks necessary, from simply filling out initial forms (EIN, LA/parish ID’s, etc), to preparing your financial statements, run employee payroll, reconcile your checking account, prepare all sales and quarterly tax reports, occupational license renewals, liquor license renewals, personal property reports, even those LA Citizen’s assessment forms. About the only thing we don’t do is actually run your business—that’s strictly 100% up to you.

Bring us any form or letter that you receive from the government and we will make sure to keep your account up to date. Sure, we will charge a small fee if we need to straighten out someone else’s mess—but doesn’t it feel good just to know that you can just bring the letters to someone else to read through them and figure them out? We can’t tell you how many clients we have gained from someone else mishandling their account, but we can tell you they all utter the same phrase, “what a relief now that you guys are handling my books!”

Our bookkeeping service fees currently start at $275 for monthly bookkeeping and $600 for quarterly bookkeeping. Payroll service is available starting at $150/mo and quarterly payroll forms preparation is currently $75/qtr. Additional a la carte services are available for reasonable fees (sales tax preparation, various forms/applications, etc).

We all have spent our money in foolish things. Some of us spend it way more foolishly than others. Stop wasting your money by not having us do your bookkeeping. What’s keeping you? The other guy charges $15 less per month? Is the price of 2 fast food combos really going to keep you from experiencing paperwork relief? Come on, call or visit us. It may just be one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make.