Our History

Mr. Larry and his wife, Ms. Alma, started the business back in 1984 working out of their living room in the evenings, after Mr. Larry would come home from his regular full-time job. Prior to '84, Mr. Larry had only completed returns for a few friends and family as favors, never dreaming it would eventually turn into his life. Some of you still remember that their living room served as the "original" office. The following year, it became the "waiting area" as you now had to walk through the kitchen to see Mr. Larry in his new "office" (previously known as "the den"). You may even remember seeing their kids trying hard to "stay out of sight".

Thanks to Mr. Larry's extremely rigorous work ethic, Ms. Alma's unwavering support, countless prayers, and the support of those original clients who believed in Mr. Larry and were impressed with his vast technical knowledge and professionalism (the always reasonable prices also helped!!), the business grew to the point that near the end of 1989, Mr. Larry and Ms. Alma decided to take the biggest gamble of their lives by deciding to open a "real" office.

As luck would have it, a strip mall that was located just 2 blocks away from their house had a vacancy and they faithfully took the plunge. That winter saw us painting, moving and getting ready for the unknown---would people show up in January? With the grace of God and a lot of hours passing out flyers in parking lots and people's front doors, the people did show up, and they told their friends. That first year on Williams Boulevard started a very good run and exposed us to many clients, most of whom we still have today. Over time, our bookkeeping and income tax practice grew as satisfied clients spread the word about "Mr. Larry and his wife" and we even took over the office suite next to us when it became available.

Ten years later, in 1999, we began the next chapter of the company. Always with a fondness for the City of Kenner, Mr. Larry & Ms. Alma decided to open up simply 2 blocks away from the previous location, on an empty lot located at 3623 Florida Avenue. Construction of the company's new building began and it opened in the year 2000. As if the big scare that year (remember "Y2K"?) was not stressful enough, we were once again facing an uncertain future. The new location was not directly on that busy thoroughfare anymore. Once again, however, our customers—new and old—came to see us.

Today we are still at that same location, waiting for the chance to work alongside you as you work toward turning your dreams into reality. The same children you once saw in the living room, Carlos and Michelle, now work there. Ryan, the third sibling, works elsewhere, yet remains involved in all important company decisions as the corporate secretary.

We really think one of the biggest hurdles small business owners will always face is the volume of regulations, deadlines, and taxes that you're "supposed to know" when you start your own business. We take all that stress off your plate. With our knowledge and expertise to handle your income tax, bookkeeping, payroll and sales tax needs, we are the complete package. We want to invite you to clear your mind and just do what you do best. Don't worry about deadlines and taxes…we'll have that under control for you. Just worry about serving your customers so they can keep growing your business.

Last, but certainly not least, we want to THANK OUR CLIENTS!!!

We know that we could not exist without you. Our tax clients are the best a tax office can ever hope to have. You are loyal, patient, and never keep us a secret. Likewise, our business clients, whether you are an A/C service, restaurant, grocery store, retail store, engineering practice, plumbing service, daycare center, bar, import/export business, veterinary office, home builder, towing business, pet store, carpentry service, costume shop, attorney, car dealership, doctor’s office, gas station, mechanic shop, antique store, beauty salon, fitness center, landscaping service, barge towing, health center, swimming pool contractor, dental office, church, web site design/hosting service…etc., you keep us going strong year round. We look forward to a bright and blessed future working with you.