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Honest, Hard-working, Dependable, Easygoing, Have Sales Tax, Payroll and Sage/QuickboosExperience? Read On...

May 21, 2019


Looking for full-time bookkeeper to maintain financial records for multiple clients. All work is done in our office and there is no travel required. We are a small office, and our team provides our clientele with the best service around. We are knowledgeable, courteous, accurate, and dependable--our clients deserve nothing less.

If you want to work in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere; are mature and self-motivated; have the skills outlined below; and would like to work at a place where they won't downsize you and you are actually wanted--then come join our team!

See you soon.

Requirements and duties include:
* Proficient in Peachtree and/or Quickbooks, Sales Tax Manager, MS Office and MS Windows
* Post transactions, prepare journal entries, reconcile accounts & generate financial statements
* Accuracy and speed on keyboard and 10-key calculator
* Calculate and prepare employee payroll using software or manually
* Calculate and prepare sales tax, SUTA, FUTA, WH, 940, 941 and 944 tax returns
* Communicate clearly, promptly, and efficiently with clients (in person, phone & e-mail)
* Versatile, responsible, self-motivated, courteous; punctual, quick, accurate, and independent
* Have experience in this field. This is not a trainee position. Our test (~30-40 min) and interview will verify your experience in transaction classification, sales tax and payroll calculations, and report preparation
* You will not be hired without having most of these skills

In addition to stated pay, we also offer:
* 7 paid holidays throughout the year
* One week paid vacation after one year of employment (Two after five yrs)
* Retirement plan with employer match after 2 years of employment
* Casual, safe, and [relatively] fun work environment
* Two, 15-minute paid breaks, 11AM and 3PM, every single day

* No traffic headaches! If you live in the GNO area, you'll be driving away from traffic every day.
* Low-stress and courteous working environment
* Coworkers and clientele who are second to none
* Minimal overtime--mostly in January--you can actually have a life during "tax season"
* No worries about getting laid off—we’re hiring you to keep you around, not to fire you later!!
* Casual atmosphere--don't have to wear business suits (but no sandals, either!)

Typical day:
Come in at around 8:20-ish and get situated. Start working at 8:30am, check e-mails or faxes for payrolls. Prepare and review payrolls. Enter client's bank statements, checks, invoices, credit card statements, etc into accounting program. Reconcile checking accounts, calculate sales tax returns and 941 deposit amounts using spreadsheets. Adjust journal entries, generate and print financial statements. Take 1/4 hour off to rejuvenate. Reply to e-mails and calls from clients (they got a letter, there's an insurance audit coming up, etc.). Double-and-triple-check your work, make necessary changes, and turn it in. Take your lunch, and repeat during the PM (including your 1/4 hr rejuvenation period), before going home at 5pm.

Then rinse and repeat.

You will be responsible for ensuring your clients' complete bookkeeping needs are met. Clients may call, fax, or even show up at any given moment. Your versatility will come in handy in those occasions, as well as when we ask you to help fold and stuff letters, clean and vacuum your own office area, help tabulate totals for income tax clients, help answer the phones, help others during your slow times, etc.

Words of Caution:
We don't want to waste your time or ours. We are not for everyone--first of all we're a small company. There's no lounging by the water cooler, no luxury box tickets to games, no fancy building or email addresses to give out, no going downstairs to smoke 10 times a day, etc. If you're an "outside person", you may feel a little confined since we work in our offices all day long. If you prefer to talk a lot (customer service type), you'll probably feel a bit muzzled because our work is mostly introspective and self-directed. If you are set in your ways and have a very strong bias as to how things should be done ("this is how I've always done it!", you may feel embattled because we have our set of procedures that we must follow to ensure a quality product.

However, if you like to listen to the radio (at a reasonable volume) while you work--we're for you. If you don't want to worry about what repercussions you'll suffer because you had to schedule a doctor's appointment in the middle of the day--we're for you. If you want to really feel like you're helping small business owners and you're not just "employee x, in cubicle M on the 4th floor" inputting data--we're for you. If you have a strong work ethic--we're for you. If you like continuity in your workday--we're for you. If you're honest--we're for you. If you get along well with others (check your elementary school report cards!)--we're for you. If you're ready to work in a place where your work and efforts are appreciated by the owner, coworkers and clients--we're for you.

Some days will be more challenging than others, but for the most part, they're all fairly similar. There's a certain comfort in the rhythmic predictability of the job and we're looking for someone who isn't just looking for something to patch up the now...but a team member who is looking for a long term career!

Hope to see you soon.

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