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The 2018 Withholding Tables Are Out and I Don't Know How They Will Affect My Taxes!

Jan 22, 2018

If you work for an employer that uses a payroll service like ADP, Paychex or Larry's Income Tax (yes, we do payroll), you'll probably notice a change in your paycheck this week due to the new 2018... Read more >

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Are You Truly Charitable?

Dec 16, 2016

What's your answer to this blog's title? There's some buzz about how this is the year to make charitable donations because the future of charitable giving looks bleak. At first we wondered why... Read more >

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Good Rental Experience Reminds Us of Good Business Sense

Sep 6, 2016

This one's preaching stuff most of us, as business owners, already know, but I just happened to see a little example in action over the Labor Day weekend. Looking at the horses pulling those... Read more >

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Have "Obamacare"? We Need Form 1095A

Sep 1, 2016

This is a fairly short blog because it's really a reminder to you guys. A PSA of sorts. If you have obtained health insurance through The Marketplace, aka Obamacare, you will receive a form 1095A... Read more >

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FYI's on Louisiana's Refunding of Sales Taxes for Flood Victims

Aug 29, 2016

Louisiana has had this law on the books for quite a while. In fact, the state even put out a special packet for Hurricanes Gustav/Ike that includes all forms necessary to file this type of claim.... Read more >

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Does Completing Form W4 Have to Be Super Hard?

Aug 24, 2016

No. It doesn't. Below are some rough guidelines for you to follow when completing your next W-4. Before we start, though, let me remind you to take full advantage of any available pre-tax... Read more >

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Apr 19, 2016

We want to thank all our clients for another great and successful tax season. About the only thing that could have made it go any smoother was if the state refunds would've been issued sooner by... Read more >

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Your Tax Preparer May Need A Refresher Course...

Jan 6, 2015

It never seizes to amaze us how rules get bent when it comes to taxes. Relax, this one's not about how some taxpayers cheat the IRS, this one's about how tax return preparers and e-file providers... Read more >

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I Want A Nanny, Not An Employee!!

Aug 5, 2014

I was talking to a client several months ago and the topic came up--as these things usually do--about some friends who had a nanny. "Nanna" apparently had just come back from her tax preparer's... Read more >

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The Tale of The Parents Who Almost Took Out Their Own Kids

Jul 25, 2014

Once upon a time, there was a family with two children. Inspired by their hard-working parents, the children had each gotten a job. Each one earned around $11,000 working hard in the summer and... Read more >

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Scammers, Part Deux

Jul 17, 2014

So you get a call from a number you don’t recognize and you let it go to voice mail because you don’t want to deal with some telemarketer—or worse—a bill collector. Naturally, you... Read more >

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Beware--It's Scam Season (hint: they don't hold guns to you!)

Feb 20, 2014

If only all crooks looked like the one in our little picture, here. Today I received a call from a client stating that IRS has been calling her because they wanted to discuss her account. They... Read more >

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Let's Make Some Money Together!!!

Feb 4, 2014

Someone asked us if we have a customer referral program. We sure do have one. There are two ways you can participate. One way is to ask your friends/relatives to mention your name as the person... Read more >

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Things Too Often Forgotten...

Jan 23, 2014

In trying to "head you off at the pass," here are some of the top items you guys seem so forget--which delays the processing of your return (or worse--makes you miss out on credits!!) Homeowner's... Read more >

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This Border Crossing Could Be Okay

May 22, 2013

The other day a client asked me whether he could purchase cigars from an out of state vendor to sell at his grocery store, or did he have to buy them from a Louisiana vendor, like he has to do with... Read more >

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