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Beware--It's Scam Season (hint: they don't hold guns to you!)

Feb 20, 2014

If only all crooks looked like the one in our little picture, here.

Today I received a call from a client stating that IRS has been calling her because they wanted to discuss her account. They mentioned to her that she might be eligible for some tax credits and were certain she could get a refund.

She didn't feel comfortable and hung up, but was nervous about hanging up on an IRS agent. She said one time they called from a number in New York, and another in Colorado.

Her nephew was home one of the times she received a call and he determined that it was a fraudulent call. He was right. IRS will never call you to discuss your account with you. They will not e-mail a thing to you. They don't even like to fax things (although sometimes, when you call them and pass their identity verification process, they might send you some limited information). Nope, IRS does all their initial contact via good old-fashioned U.S. Mail.

And for good reason. These predators who call and try to entice you with promises of big tax credits, quick money, etc. are hoping that you'll be naive enough to divulge your personal information. Our client told me that the caller sounded very professional and there was even office-sounding noise in the background.

Please be careful. Scammers are sophisticated. Don't ever give out any personal information to anyone who calls you. No matter who they claim to be. If you call someone, well, that's a different story--you're initiating contact, and you know who you're calling.

It's bad enough that the good crooks can get all our information with just a few keystrokes--don't give the tech-impaired ones equal footing!

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