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Let's Make Some Money Together!!!

Feb 4, 2014

Someone asked us if we have a customer referral program.

We sure do have one. There are two ways you can participate. One way is to ask your friends/relatives to mention your name as the person who referred them when they come in for their tax appointment. Once we prepare their taxes, we would put a note in your folder noting the referral.

Sometimes, though, even our loved ones forget to follow directions, so I'd go the website approach.

Here on our site, click on the refer-a-friend icon (cash on upper right corner). Then, fill in your information and your friend/relative's information and hit the "submit" button. We'll receive the form and put it in your tax folder. When your friends come in and get their taxes completed, you get a referral fee credited to your account.

Before leaving that referral screen, print the "free state" coupon--which is available to all first-time customers--and give it to them to bring in to their appointment.

Everyone ends up winning. You get $25, they get $60 off, and we get a new client. There is no limit as to how many people you can refer, so "a few friends here, and some family members there" can help pay for your entire tax return prep fee, plus whatever excess you have can be paid to you or carried over to the following year--your choice.

"But wait, I'm connecting on the web--I live in Alaska--I can't get to you guys," you may say. Hey, you don't have to be our client to get in on this deal. If you're not our client (why aren't you--you could mail your stuff to us, you know?!?), just submit the same information as if you were one. We'll tally up your referrals after April 15th and send you your payment. Of course, we'll need your mailing address, so you'll have to call us with that information.

So there's no excuse--let's all make some money---refer someone today!!!

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