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Apr 16, 2019

Another tax season has come to a close (let’s not think extensions—they’ll ruin this moment), and we have been humbled once more by all the help we have received to make it a successful one.

First, we want to thank God for granting us the health, strength, attitude, wisdom, aptitude, and spirit to complete our tasks to the best of our ability. Each return, from a seemingly simple W-2 to a complex corporation, poses its own challenges. It is only with Him at our side that we are able to consistently perform at the level you’ve come to expect from us.

Secondly, we want to thank you, our income tax clients. Although we only see most of you once a year, we really think of you as an extended part of our family. As such, we want to make sure you get the most accurate return and we even offer advice to help your taxes in future years. Thank you for your patience, honesty, patronage, and most importantly, thank you for allowing us to earn your trust.

Third, we want to acknowledge our “regular” business bookkeeping clients. While we have a great bookkeeping team, we realize tax season brings on extra stress because everyone in our office is overworked during those months. A couple of you had your patience tested and we appreciate your understanding and steadfast commitment to us.

As mentioned, above, our bookkeeping team is second to none. They respond to the extra stress brought on by the craziness of tax season by digging deep and finding ways to keep producing—regardless of the environment. We’d be totally remiss to assume that they know how much we appreciate them—not just during tax time—but all year long. So thank you Pamela, Sharon and Stephanie—you’ve helped keep the ship sailing its due course.

Next, we want to thank our tax preparers, Mr. Larry, Michelle and Carlos. Like true hall of famers, they prepare themselves endlessly throughout the year so that they’re ready for you during tax time. Many of you know what a 35-45 hr workweek feels like. Some of you know what a 50-60 hr workweek feel like. Imagine 80+ hr workweeks for almost three months straight (there was a 3-week run of 100+ hrs!!). Definitely not for the faint of heart, but they continue to do it every year, with a smile, and always with your best interests in mind.

Finally, we want to thank our families and personal friends. We want you to know that, although you’ve had to yield your time to make way for our efforts, you are permanently ingrained in our hearts and souls! Knowing that everything is safe and being taken care of back at home gives us the impetus to fully focus on our jobs and take care of business! Like the phrase, “I Love You”, another one that often goes unsaid because we assume you already know, is, “Thank You!” We don’t want to assume—we want you to know: we love you dearly and appreciate all the sacrifices you make for us every single year.

Now you know why we thanked God first. It really is a miracle that this works. So many people, so little time (again—don’t think of extensions!). All of us working together toward one common goal: to prepare the most accurate, honest, and complete tax return for every client, year after year!

Like a Marvel movie, we have a little extra snippet bonus thank you. This year, a special mention goes to IRS. In light of the challenges they faced (new tax law AND the shutdown!), they really did an outstanding job in maintaining the integrity, speed, reliability, and efficiency of the e-filing program.

So thank you. We can’t wait to serve you again soon!

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