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Happy Birthday, America!

Jul 3, 2017

Dear America,

Just wanted to remind you that, although it may not seem like it at times (certainly not if you watch, read, or listen to news coverage), we--your citizens--care deeply about you and your future. Our future.

You were born from a strong sense of fairness. With the odds stacked heavily against you, you were able to gain your independence against a very strong and well funded England. This was not an easy task, and in the end, over 50,000 souls from both countries--each fighting for what they believed was the right thing--sacrificed their lives in the process.

Over the past two centuries, your core values of hard work, morality, and equality have provided countless of your citizens with unequaled opportunities--no matter what their background. Has it been a fair plight for all your children?


While many of the patches that make up your historical quilt contain dark and painful memories of animosity and downright hatred among your children, this ever-growing quilt's patchwork will show the magnificent design that will be a testament to your people's forgiveness, reconciliation, and resilience.

We know it because the quilt has many more beautiful, innovative, and loving patches on it than darker ones. Like all families, we love and care for each other. Some selflessly work hard for the success of others, and some for their own and that of their own little families. We all know that with passion, training, hard work, respect, and a little luck--all of us can and will experience the American Dream.

Sure, as with any family, we also bicker among ourselves, take advantage of each other, and even commit hurtful acts among each other. However, when we are provoked and hurt--we forge together and form an unstoppable force of positive energy and put aside our differences to protect you and our own.

Exactly what being a family is all about.

All you ask is that we keep believing in you and to have the guts to take on any challenge...the biggest of which--just like in all families--is that of getting along with each other! Thankfully, as everyone knows, the matriarchs of the family always bring everyone together and provide comfort, advice, and motivation when we need it the most.

You're a great mother, and together with our Father, we know we can overcome any hurdles that come our way.

Happy 241st birthday, America--still the best country in the world!!

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