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Apr 15, 2012

As another tax season winds down to a close, we look back at it with great amazement. We ask ourselves how it was possible to go through it so smoothly, so efficiently. To service all clients with that level of personalized and prompt service they expect from our firm. It truly is a wonder.

Of course, an obvious part of it is Mr. Larry and his wife, Mrs. Alma. Mr. Larry truly is a tax preparation "machine" and Mrs. Alma's organization and oversight keeps the whole process humming smoothly. Add the rest of the staff--from preparing dropped off or "walk-in" returns, to answering thousands of phone calls--and you could easily say, "that's how they get things done."

As you know, though, in order to dance, we need a partner. The partner in this "tax dance" is YOU. Naturally, we would not be able to do anything without you coming into our office, but once you're in here is really when the magic begins.

You call, make, and keep your appointments. Appointments are so vital to the entire operation, that you always take preference over walk-ins. You are most understanding when we're a little behind schedule. You are so nice and neighborly with the rest of the people in the waiting area. It never ceases to amaze us how a simple "good morning" can turn a boring wait into an engaging conversation among total strangers. Thank you for your friendly spirit.

You are well-prepared when you come in for your tax interview. You bring your documents, spreadsheets, notebooks and Quickbooks printouts. We saw more completed tax organizers, which we deeply appreciated. Now, if we could only get everyone to bring in their declaration page for that Citizen's credit!! Thank you for your preparedness.

You're just plain nice. Hearing, "you guys are the best" or "I wouldn't go anywhere else," or "that's why I've been coming here for 20 years now"...etc. is very uplifting and very much appreciated. A kind word will never fall on deaf ears in our offices, as it provides emotional fuel that keeps us going. Thank you for your kindness.

You spread the word about us. When you tell your family and friends--those most important in your life--about us and recommend us without any hesitation, we feel the most honored. When people tell us "my brother (or mother, friend, coworker, etc) said to come see you guys," we swell up with pride and strive to make you look good by giving them the exact great service you told them they would get by coming here. Thank you for your referrals.

Finally, you keep coming back. When you've been around for as long as we have, it is so rewarding to count parents, their children--and even their grandchildren--as clients. We are so happy when a new client leaves our office with a big smile. We discuss the changes in your life--whether good or bad--and we help you sort through the tax consequences. We ourselves are a family business and we value family relationships. Thank you for your loyalty and trust.

In other words, you're the perfect clients, and for that, we want to tell you once more, T H A N K Y O U S O M U C H ! ! ! ! !

So when Mr. Larry tells you, "c'mon, we gotta dance--and I don't mean boogie," he may actually be telling you to not fade away like the boogie--let's do it again year after year, like a timeless dance.

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