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Many Back-to-School Expenses Eligible for Louisiana State Income Tax Deductions

Source: - Sep 3, 2011

Baton Rouge: The Louisiana Department of Revenue reminds shoppers to hold on to their receipts while shopping for uniforms, books, supplies, and other items students will need for the new school year. Many of those purchases are eligible for Louisiana state income tax deductions.

The Louisiana School Tuition & Expense Tax Deductions apply to tuition, school supplies, and home-schooling expenses.

There are three separate deductions:

Income Tax Deduction for Elementary and Secondary School Tuition (La. R.S. 47:297:10)

Allows an income tax deduction for amounts paid during the tax year for tuition and fees required for enrollment in a nonpublic elementary or secondary school. Beginning with the 2011 tax year, the deduction is for the full amount of tuition and fees per dependent, limited to $5,000. The total amount of the deduction may not exceed the taxpayer’s total taxable income.

Income Tax Deduction for Certain Educational Expenses for Home-Schooled Children (La.

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