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If you don't get your second stimulus check by Jan. 15, this is what you'll have to do

Source: - Jan 11, 2021

Millions of Americans have already received their second stimulus check for up to $600 per eligible person in the past two weeks, through direct deposit, mailed check or EIP card. If you haven't gotten yours yet, keep an eye out: The IRS and Treasury have a deadline of Friday, Jan. 15 to send out your second check, due to the cutoff stated in December's stimulus bill (you can track your payment online through the IRS, or track it through the mail).

What happens if you don't get your second stimulus payment by the Friday deadline, or if it arrives but is missing money for your dependents? And what if your first check never arrived? If you are qualified to get a stimulus payment, don't worry -- that money won't be forfeited. But you will have to do some extra work to make sure you get the stimulus payment you're owed this year.

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