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Can you get your own stimulus check? This is what it takes to qualify for one as an adult

Source: - Jan 13, 2021

Though a second stimulus check of up to $600 per person is on its way to millions of Americans, about 13 million young people aged 17 to 24 who are listed as dependents on their family's taxes are not eligible to receive stimulus money, due to a tax code definition of "child dependent." The same was true of the first stimulus payment last year. And if you do count as a child dependent, you still don't get your "own" money -- but a sum of $600 per qualified dependent will be added on to your family's share.

This can get complicated, and may leave you wondering: When is it possible for me to qualify for a stimulus check of my own? Below, we'll explain what happens depending on your situation, including if you're in the military, if you're a student, if you live on your own and are employed, if you receive SSI or SSDI, if you're married or a parent or if you're in a child support situation.

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