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9 Oddball Tax Deductions Turbotax compiled the weirdest tax deductions allowed, from pet food to a trip to Bermuda to (we're not kidding) a girlfriend.

Source: - Jan 4, 2021

Can I deduct...?

Admit it. As you've worked on your tax return and considered what might count as a deduction, you've taken a few flights of fancy. "Can I claim a deduction for all those blood donations at the Red Cross?" Sorry, the answer is no.

"How about a charitable contribution for all the time I donate to the church?" No, again. "The wedding gift for the boss's daughter as an employee business expense?" Come on!

On the other hand, over the years the courts have allowed a few of your fellow taxpayers to deduct some crazy things that most of us wouldn't even dream of claiming. We've uncovered what we think are the weirdest deductions allowed, ranging from pet food to free beer.


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