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We're Hiring (The LP Version)

Oct 28, 2014

Here's the deluxe, LP version of our hiring announcement, for those of you who are interested.

We're hiring!!

Must be proficient in PT, QB & Office. We use these programs about 90% of the time. Other desirable technical skills are the 10-key calculator and fast and accurate typing skills for the data entry portion of the job. Also must know how to calculate and prepare sales tax, SUTA, FUTA, LA WH, 940, 941 and 944 tax returns. You will not be hired without these skills---we need you to "hit the ground running."

You must be versatile, responsible, self-motivated, courteous; punctual, quick, accurate, and independent. Although we are a small office, we come in contact with our coworkers, clients, and government employees in person, telephone, and through e-mail and written correspondence. You must know how to properly address clients, proof-read your correspondence, and check your own work before submitting it.

Must be experienced. This is not a trainee position. We may not need Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman for this position, but we must insist that any prospective employee be familiar with at least 90% of what we do around here. As alluded to above, this is a professional position dealing with business and personal transactions that are time sensitive as well as private in nature. Our clients are used to receiving quality, professional, and timely services, and unfortunately, we do not have the time to invest on a "rookie" at this time.

When you apply, you will take a short test that will show us whether you actually know what you say you know. If you know your stuff--it'll probably take 15-20 minutes, if you don't, the 30 minutes allowed won't be enough. Don't stress--this is a test on the everyday stuff that you know how to do, not economics or accounting theories.

We offer:
1. At least 7 paid holidays throughout the year,
2. One week paid vacation after being here one year (two after 5 yrs),
3. A retirement plan with employer match after 2 years,
4. A casual, safe, and [relatively] fun work environment,
5. Two, 15-minute paid breaks every day,
6. Between $11-$14/hr ($22K-$29K/yr), DOE.
7. No traffic headaches,
8. Stress-free working environment (does not mean you slack off, though),
9. Small business with coworkers and clientele who are second to none,
10. Hardly any overtime--maybe a few times between January and April (you can actually have a life during "tax season"),
11. Finally...peace of mind—we’re hiring you to keep you around, not to fire you later!! We want you!

So, how does all the above come together? Well, a typical day will go something like this: Come in at 8:30am, check e-mails or faxes for payrolls. Prepare payrolls. Enter client's bank statements, checks and invoices into accounting program. Reconcile checking accounts, calculate sales tax returns and 941 deposit amounts using spreadsheets. Adjust journal entries, generate and print financial statements. Reply to e-mails from clients (they got a letter, there's an insurance audit coming up, etc.).

Eat lunch, then "rinse and repeat" during the PM, and go home at 5pm. Your versatility will come in handy when you help fold and stuff letters, clean and vacuum your office area, help add up totals for income tax clients, help answer the phones, help coworkers, etc.

Did we mention the two 15-minute paid breaks @ 11am and 3pm? That's your time to "rejuvenate" and play with your phones, read, eat a snack, meditate...whatever you want to do to relax and bring you back up from 95% to 100%.

Now, we ask you to please be honest with yourself: if you'd rather work outside, or like updating your facebook, tweeting your thoughts and sending your pics on instagram all day long, this job isn’t for you. If you think you'll be able to "coast" and no one will notice, or that you'll learn how to prepare sales tax, payroll forms, etc. "as you go," this isn’t your job.

The ideal new hire will prefer to work in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere; will be intellectually mature, responsible, punctual, and self-motivated; will already know how to use the software and to prepare the forms named above; and will be looking to stay and grow with us for the long-term.

We want to keep providing our clients with the best possible service. The kind of service they deserve and are used to receiving from our team. You can help us ensure that everyone keeps receiving that positive experience by mentioning this opening to a truly qualified person--especially if that person is you.

Ready to join our team? If so, come on in and ask for your application and test packet. You can also fax your resume to us at (504) 443-3558 or send it through our ad here:

Good luck.

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