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Remembering 09/11

Sep 11, 2012

America is a united country. We see that time and time again, from a young man helping an elderly person carry groceries, to players congratulating the opposing team after a hard-fought match. However, our spirit of unity truly resonates when we're dealt a hard blow.

When a hurricane, friends, and officials all help bring each other to safety and to rebuild entire communities. Heroes abound. For every moment captured on film of people helping out, hundreds more occurred, never to be documented other than by those who were directly involved.

When a mass shooting occurs...people gather together--young/old, black/white, rich/poor--to pray for those whose lives were lost and for the survivors. Strangers risk their own lives to help would-be victims, sometimes becoming targets themselves.

When that unprecedented attack robbed the lives of 3,000 innocent people and injured another 10,000...we cry, we pray, we reflect, we remain vigilant, we do not forget, we honor the fallen, we thank first responders, and we heal survivors.

We hope, we live.

All of us who live in this country--family, friends, officials, heroes, people, young/old, black/white, rich/poor, strangers, victims, first responders, and survivors--we are all Americans. We are all united. Whether your lineage can be traced back to the pilgrims on the Mayflower, or you're just getting here with the will and vision to better your situation, we are all Americans.

We will never forget the attack on that crisp September morning. The surreal image of that breach to our Pentagon, its side smoldering. We will never forget watching in horror as planes struck the Twin Towers. We will never forget that sickening wrenching feeling in our stomachs as we saw documents flying like confetti, people screaming for help, desperate souls jumping, and, of course, the moment when each of the towers collapsed--bringing immediate death to thousands.

That happened September 11, 2001.

Today, we remain vigilant and we always remember those who are no longer with us. We do not let fear, anger, or mistrust get in the way of our lives. We pray for a better, safer future for our children. We make sure we work hard for ourselves and our country. We stand united--men/women, citizen/foreigner, rich/poor--as one group of people with that shared purpose.

Today, as always, we are the United States of America. May God bless us all.

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