We're Hiring

Sep 8, 2017

We're hiring!! If you, or someone you know, have worked calculating sales taxes and payroll, and are familiar with Peachtree, Quickbooks, and MS Office, call us at 504-443-3557 to schedule an interview.

If no one you know fits the description, please spread the news through your social media---you guys can really help us that way and we really appreciate you!

Please note that we're looking for someone who has experience doing this type of work--we're not hiring a trainee. We will give you a written test that will verify that you really know what you say you know, so plan for your interview to last between 45-60 min.

We're hoping to fill the position by the end of this month, but will fill it immediately if the right candidate walks through our door!

For more info, check out our current ad: