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Louisiana has 3 constitutional amendments on the 2017 ballot: What you need to know

Source: - Oct 5, 2017

Louisiana voters are being asked, once again, to alter the state constitution approved in 1974. There are three amendments on the ballot for the Oct. 14 election, and early voting starts Saturday (Sept. 30) and lasts through Oct. 7.

Since it was initially put in place, state voters have chosen to alter the constitution 186 times. Many of the amendments, 92 of them, have been made to the portion of the state constitution that deals with the state budget, taxes and other financial issues, according to the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana (PAR), a nonpartisan think tank based in Baton Rouge.

These three amendments are no different. What follows is a summary of what they would do if approved. For a deeper explanation, check out PAR's guide to the amendments here.


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