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Is that unexpected US Treasury check a surprise tax refund, or something to worry about?

Source: - Jul 3, 2019

SEATTLE (KOMO)- Between all the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scams out there, and confusion surrounding the new tax codes, you can't blame Twyla Lawrence for being suspicious about the U.S. Treasury check she recently received out of the blue.

When she filed her 2018 tax return in April, she says she owed the IRS more than $2,000. Receiving a refund check for twice that amount in mid-June raised a big red flag.

Lawrence knows about IRS scammers who call threatening to have you arrested unless you immediately pay your so-called delinquent taxes. She's also heard about fraudulent refunds obtained through identity theft. So, when a U.S. Treasury check turned up in her mailbox, she was both surprised, and concerned. The check looks real, but it's for $4,653.35.

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