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How To Spur Motivation And Fight Complacency As A Business Leader

Source: - Nov 8, 2018

In my years of experience as a business leader, I’ve met my fair share of complacent employees. You know how to spot them. They do the absolute bare minimum to get by. They’re focused on not getting fired and couldn’t care less about delivering exceptional customer experiences. Their poor attitude and lackluster work ethic can infect their fellow employees and lead to big lapses in productivity.

We all know that employee engagement matters. In fact, a 2013 Gallup study found a direct correlation between engagement and business outcomes. And it’s common to feel a sense of powerlessness about these underperforming employees. Talent is hard to come by, and some days it’s a good thing to simply maintain a full complement of staff (regardless of their level of motivation). But there are things to be done about this situation. For a relatively small investment of time, resources and energy, I believe business owners and leaders can spur their once-complacent employees to far greater heights of motivation, productivity and profit generation.


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