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A Very Smart Way To Get A Charity Tax Break

Source: - Dec 4, 2018

With year-end in sight, many people look at reordering their finances. Charitable giving is a great way to do some good in this world and get a tax break, provided you itemize. Grant Webster, a lead advisor at Dowling & Yahnke, an independent investment advisory and financial planning firm in San Diego, Calif., has a good strategy to accomplish this, and also provide you with have greater control over your gift:

Larry Light: Tell us about the tax benefits of charitable giving.

Grant Webster: Many donors don’t fully appreciate the potential tax savings that can come from charitable giving. Not only is the timing of the gift important, but how the gift is made, whether in cash or securities, also has an impact on the possible tax benefits.

Light: And what is your preferred method for doing this?


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