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5 Surprising Ways Filing Your Taxes Will Change After Baby

Source: - Nov 14, 2017

Congrats, you had a baby! That's the upside. The downside? Your taxes could get a little more complicated, but they don't have to if you know what to expect.

We hear ya, Mama: In between feedings, diaper changes, hormones and attempting to keep up at work and at home, there's a lot going on. And for good reason: You had a baby this year! While this joyful time is also a stressful time, Uncle Sam doesn't care. In fact, your taxes may be a little different this year, just like they were if you got hitched.

If you had other big changes this year—like buying a house, taking out stock or changing jobs—most accountants agree it's best to have your taxes completed by a professional instead of filing on your own. (While we're sure you and the hubby can figure it out, sometimes TurboTax isn't as reassuring and explanatory as someone with a degree. But then again, the professionals would want you to think that.) Get prepared for tax season after Baby with these helpful tips from a tax attorney and financial expert.


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