October 15th Is Filing Deadline

Sep 29, 2016

Actually it's on Oct 17th since the 15th falls on a Saturday, but want to make sure you get in here before then!

Q/ Can I still file after the deadline?

R/ Yes you can. If you're due a refund, you can file for up to three years after the original due date and can still get your refund. After three years, you lose out (with very limited exceptions).

If you owe IRS, it can be 20 years and you can still file--just be ready to pay handsomely for your procrastination. The interest and penalties on any balance due actually start calculating on the original filing date, not the extended date. There are all kinds of penalties (non filing, non payment, late filing, negligence, etc), so if you think you'll owe, definitely get in here and let's "git 'er done!"